Ooh Aah Droitwich Spa

100+ fascinating and fun facts about a town that's the salt of the earth


Hi, and thanks for visiting my website.

My family came to live in Droitwich when I was just a few months old, back in 1971, and I’ve been here ever since (bar 10 weeks in Bournemouth). I was raised on the Westlands estate and went to St Peter’s First School (the original one), St Richard de Wyche Middle School (long gone) and Droitwich Spa High School.

From a young age I had an unusually keen interest in Droitwich. I remember turning a standard Monopoly board into ‘Westlands Monopoly’, and writing an essay on the town’s expansion for my geography O-level. So it was a dream job when I became the local reporter for the Droitwich Spa Advertiser, rolling out of bed into offices in the High Street.

I spent many years in the job, living and breathing Droitwich, until eventually accepting I needed to further my career. Since 1997 I’ve worked for the Birmingham Mail, starting as a news sub-editor / planner and becoming features editor. 
I married a Droitwich girl in 2003 and we have two children who are at local schools.

This website is a work in progress. I’m sure there are many, many more tales out there waiting to be told. I’d love to hear them, but they must be ones I can fact check, and they must be able to make the reader go ‘ooh’ or ‘aah’.

I’m also certain there’ll be inaccuracies in the tales already on the website. In my research I came across different versions of some events, so I would welcome any clarifications you can offer. Please see the contact section.

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