People started flocking to Droitwich in the 19th century to seek relief from ailments such as arthritis and eczema. They believed that bathing in brine was good for your health – and the town had an abundance of brine.

John Corbett, who had amassed a fortune through salt production locally, saw the potential to transform Droitwich from dirty salt-making town into elegant spa resort. He bought the existing Royal Brine Baths and in 1888 built St Andrew’s Brine Baths, which became extremely popular.

Corbett also built hotels and a railway station for the visitors. The Royal closed in the 1930s and the St Andrew’s in 1975.

Click here for an amazing Pathe film from 1933 entitled ‘Buoyant Belles’ where the bathers attempt to play billiards.

Click here for a cracking ATV Today news report from 1975 where the reporter asks bathers for their reaction to news that St Andrew’s Brine Baths would be closing.