The Ministry of Defence stopped recording or analysing UFO reports in 2009, stating that ”in more than 50 years no UFO sighting reported to the department has indicated the existence of any military threat to the UK”.

Two years earlier, at 9.44pm on October 6, 2007, there were reports of UFOs sighted in the skies above Droitwich. ”Seven to eight spherical objects” were spotted, the MoD report stated. ”They were moving in a straight line in an easterly direction.”

In 2010, an infrared camera allegedly captured the moment a sleeping Droitwich woman was abducted from her bedroom by aliens – for the second time in a week.

The bed sheets suddenly raise up then appear to fall flat to the mattress. Thirteen minutes later the sheets raise again then fall onto the outline of the woman’s body.

The eerie footage, which was analysed by an American television series called Fact Or Faked, can be viewed here