Droitwich salt won an international award in 1855 and was hailed for its ”great purity, being manufactured from the oldest and purest brine springs in the world”. And it’s still winning awards!

Nearly 100 years after production ceased, the industry was revived in 2017 by by Churchfields Farm, near Salwarpe. And just a year later, three flavours designed by Birmingham-based, Michelin-starred chef Brad Carter – Charcoal, Coastline and Sea Truffle – won gold awards at the Ludlow Food Festival for Best New Product.

Brad used the salt while cooking on TV’s Saturday Kitchen, while Churchfields’ enterprise was also visited by Adam Henson for a Countryfile feature. You can see how the brine water turns from liquid to a beautiful crystal on organised tours of the farm.

The Churchfields Farm-produced salt is also used by the Wychbold Fudge company in its signature, caramel-flavoured Droitwich Salt Fudge. It’s available at Churchfields.

Click here to find an interesting film going behind the scenes at Droitwich Salt.