​It’s a predicament every new parent has faced… how best to get their pram or pushchair across a sandy beach.​ ​

Whether you try to push or pull, you’re invariably forced to give up and clumsily carry your child and pram, along with the rest of your parenting paraphernalia.​ ​

But this age old problem has now been solved by – of all people – ​the head coach of Droitwich Spa Tennis Club.​ ​

Lee Cowan​ ​had his light bulb moment while on holiday in Gran Canaria in 2016.​ Two years later he and his business partner unveiled the Sandslider, a lightweight product ​that ​f​its​ in beach bags and ​has been revolutionising beach life for parents. 

Click here to see the Sandslider in action.