Well, to answer the question, the local newspaper, the Droitwich Spa Advertiser, can take a lot of the credit.

In 1996, the freebie launched a campaign called (cringe!) Let’s Make Droitwich Spa-kle, encouraging local organisations with ‘Droitwich’ in their names to include ‘Spa’.

It led by example and soon Droitwich High School became Droitwich Spa High School, Droitwich Fire Station became Droitwich Spa Fire Station, Droitwich Canals Trust became Droitwich Spa Canals Trust… well, you get the picture.

In total, 40 organisations changed their names. Road signs, postcards, till receipts, property adverts, bus destination boards and more were also changed to include ‘Spa’.

What’s good enough for Cheltenham and Leamington is good enough for Droitwich.